We would like to share with you news that a new digital magazine is being launched this year to promote local distinctiveness in the
2 Seas Region: Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Northern France as well as Dutch and Belgian coastline areas. Its theme: short, long or day-stay…Why travel far when there is so much to discover on your doorstep?

Titled Transmanche, or as we refer to it in the office, TM digital, it will be published quarterly, in both English and French, and is for the travelling public, particularly those who care about responsible travel, nature/environment, heritage, coastline, countryside, food and drink and people, of course.

If you would like your company/organisation to be featured or just want to find out more about TM digital, please email us: info@transmanchemagazine.com go to the website: www.transmanchemagazine.com

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  • Transmanche Magazine.
  • It’s new.
  • It’s digital.
  • It’s for your audience – people seeking responsible ways to travel, stay, and explore.
  • They want a short, long or day stay to be distinctive.
  • Who are they? Well, just about everyone living in South East England (Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Sussex), and regions of France, Holland and Belgium that border the coastline.
  • They love the outdoors, take sustainability seriously, and enjoy getting out and about but want to do so responsibly.